Welcome to Steel City Writers!

Hello one and all, and welcome to our new blog. Let us start by introducing ourselves. We’re a writing group based in and around Sheffield, UK, a little gang of folks who met on the Open University’s creative writing course, and have since banded together to generally inspire and keep each other on the blessed path to literary enlightenment (lofty allusions, we know).

So, who are we? Since we’re a writing group, let’s go alphabetically:

Andy Stratton – University Lecturer in Computer-based awesomeness.

Christie Adams – Minion of the Computer Overlords currently working on her 1st novel.

Craig Hallam – Murse (Male Nurse) and writer of Speculative Fiction.

Jacqueline Hodgson-Blackburn – OU lecturer in English Literature.

Pete Denton – Mild mannered Civil Servant by day, crime writer by night.

That’s us! People with real jobs and aspirations of becoming authors. But why are we here? Well, our aim is to share with everyone our ups and downs, which hurdles we leap over and which we scuttle underneath, and generally how we navigate the publishing world. Learn from our mistakes. Learn from our successes (To Be Established :D). But more than that, enjoy reading!


About Craig Hallam

Author of Speculative Fiction. Not Before Bed, The Adventures of Alan Shaw and Greaveburn are out now. Embrace the Weird!
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7 Responses to Welcome to Steel City Writers!

  1. Musha Slater says:

    Good luck to you guys. With hard work, you definitely will be great writers. It’s just a question of when and how hard you try. I’ll be expecting great things in the future. Try hard.

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  3. Hi everyone and good to see the Group working hard.

    If I can provide any support or guidance in respect of the police, their procedures etc or crime, juts drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

    All the best


  4. Great site, guys! What a brilliant idea to blog as a group – looking forward to reading about your progress and your successes. Good Luck!

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