A – Z challenge…A is for…Adams

Hello, thank you for dropping by. We have committed to do a blog a day for April as our personal commitment to the http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ and to you our readers and friends. I’m up first with A is for Adams. That’s in a nutshell ME! I’m not going over my profile you have that already, so I thought I’d share something with you that maybe you didn’t know. I adore tattoos, and body art. I am currently drafting up a summer tale which will hopefully appear in our summer ebook (subtle hint for you to download our current ebook ‘Just Get It Out There’ FREE!) You’ll find the link on our pages. Anyway I digress, I was just adoring tattoos or rather confiding in you that I really love art, any art, and to me tattoos are just an extension of a personality. Whilst I prefer great skillful colourful artwork and unique interpretations of an individual’s imagination I also accept that the ‘love hate’ knuckles and ‘teardrop’ cheeks are also a valid section of my favourite type of art; a sub-genre if you like. If you love a painting on canvas you don’t have to like them all but you should accept any artist should be given some respect for trying. If you like Banksy you may not like all street art, but you can’t condemn taggers for trying to put their mark on the world in their own way can you?

Everyone starts somewhere, makes a few mistakes and it is often pure luck rather than judgment that they succeed where others fall along the wayside. So if you want to purchase a unique piece of art, don’t forget a tattoo is the most personal form you can buy. It can be as private and personal as you wish, or as public and blatant as you feel appropriate; most of all it is a declaration of love for your self. So don’t judge those who have chosen football symbols or children’s names, anchors or stars, swallows or maori inspired ink for they have put their passion out there for all to see and you can’t knock that. Life is for living, characters are my business and I love them, from eccentrics to those who hide their lights a little further under their bushel (never did get that saying, but it seems apt)

Please call back tomorrow to catch our next blog…and yes for those who may wish to know I have tattoos, it’s a collection I feel completes me, yes it’s addictive and for the record I don’t regret a single one.  In hindsight maybe this blog should have been A is for Artsake!



About Christie Adams, Writer

I'm a writer and creativity coach, I inspire and support busy men and women to become happy, balanced productive writers and creatives. My passion is to share motivation, inspiration, products and coaching to empower men and women, enabling them to find the time to reinvent themselves, redefine their ambitions and indulge their creativity.
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