Hello thank you for dropping by this is my first blog from my Swype tech phone.It’s clever, so clever that i’m struggling to keep up but I’ll persevere. Just a short note then if that’s ok with you. Maybe biographical is pushing it, it’s more confessional. I have a confession I want to write some cheeky x rated work maybe in another name but I’m not thus far because some story lines may be based on memory but others pure fantasy and who will know which is which and will I be judged?As a writer I need to cash in on the boom created by the confidentiality given by e readers so much more acceptable than dog eared magazines from the top shelf. I will achieve my ambition,  I just hope I won’t let anyone down


About Christie Adams, Writer

I'm a writer and creativity coach, I inspire and support busy men and women to become happy, balanced productive writers and creatives. My passion is to share motivation, inspiration, products and coaching to empower men and women, enabling them to find the time to reinvent themselves, redefine their ambitions and indulge their creativity.
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2 Responses to Biographical

  1. wightrabbit says:

    Go Girl, you can do it! And you can work your smart phone, too 🙂

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