Hello, just a quick one today as I’m hoping to actually work on my novel draft, my word count is stalling and I need some positive action.

Greaveburn is the up and coming work by Craig Hallam a co-member of this blog. He is the Craig of the previous blog under letter C of the A-Z Challenge. Find out more about him here:

Here’s Craig’s pre-publication blurb for Greaveburn:

A Gothic Steampunk tale about the grey area between good and evil.

Greaveburn is an isolated city, stunted in its growth by apathy and greed. Abrasia is the young heiress to Greaveburn‘s throne. Her father is dead, murdered, and she is alone. Keeping her from the throne is Archduke Choler, a man who’s paranoia will be the end of him. Darrant, Captain of the Guard and only true protector to Abrasia has been killed by his friend Steadfast, a coward who follows the orders of Archduke Choler blindly. And beneath Greaveburn‘s cobbled streets, Professor Loosestrife and his assistant Wheldrake kidnap and murder in the quest to further his scientific monstrosities.

How will these men’s love of Abrasia mould their fate? Will Steadfast redeem himself of his friend’s murder? Can Wheldrake end his master’s secret massacre? And will Darrant come back from the dead to protect Abrasia from the man who’s plotting to kill her?

COMING SOON! From Inspired Quill Publishing.

Keep an eye out for his novel, it will be worth reading, we promise.


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