Artwork in black and white

Hello, well there goes Easter, bring on the Diamond Jubilee, what gives you a clue that I like holidays.

I’m not fussy I like a beach as much as the next person but it’s the law of beaches that I have at least two books a day. I like cities, but that requires at least two ‘places of architectural interest’ a day. I enjoy walks in the countryside but that can involve at least two stops at country pubs, not always conducive to completion of the task in hand i.e. getting to the destination. Mainly I guess you’ll see a trend I enjoy being away from work.

I decided a while ago after a very stressful day trying to think of every week as an opportunity to have a ‘holiday’ How? I hear you cry, ‘Well…’ I respond keenly…make sure you do what you do on holiday. OK stripping off to bikinis may not be the best idea when in a city centre bar (Or maybe it could be fun??) but you can do the other ‘holiday’ things.

1. Take photographs. I adore street art and once you start looking around you there are plenty of beautiful things, flowers on a roundabout, people laughing, ancient architecture or for that matter modern architecture.

2. Stop off at a cafe for a drink, OK it may not be Spanish vino but a coffee in a book store with a friend, or alone to people watch can be just as relaxing.

3. Eat out, speaks for itself I guess but don’t put this off just because you are on your own. It just gives you a chance to treat yourself for an hour after work.

and finally…

4. Relax…I know it’s hard sometimes but get away from your desk or wherever you work. Spend a few moments deep breathing and think of three things you love about your life. I’m hoping at this point you will be able to put things in perspective and walk away for five minutes or more to realise that the person shouting or bullying or boring you may not be so bad, they may need some positive thoughts. Everyone has a bad day…maybe today is theirs.

I say all of this in the spirit of helping, I know it’s not easy.

Why this photograph? I found this inside a portaloo in a Spanish city centre, who would have thought my trepidation of going for a wee in a foreign portaloo would have been quashed by such an amazing piece of art…see joy is there to be found just not always where you expect!


About Christie Adams, Writer

I'm a writer and creativity coach, I inspire and support busy men and women to become happy, balanced productive writers and creatives. My passion is to share motivation, inspiration, products and coaching to empower men and women, enabling them to find the time to reinvent themselves, redefine their ambitions and indulge their creativity.
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One Response to Holidays

  1. wightrabbit says:

    We love the place where we live (Isle of Wight) – haven’t been away since we moved here. Sometimes we act like tourists, visiting local attractions as though we are really on holiday! Great post, Christie! 🙂

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