‘E’rotic fiction

I’m sure you can’t have a love of books and not notice the massive hype around the best selling ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. I haven’t managed to start readingit, although I do love a bit of cheeky literature, however I am being patient in waiting for a good review.

The author is a screen writer apparently, funny that, maybe the film rights came first? I would be tempted to comment on the frustration that poorly written work can succeed where brilliantly written pieces lay unread in publishers in trays, but Harry Potter is not the best written. I still love the books, damn.

I love book stores, and upon discussion with the staff was surprised at their enthusiasm for the ‘Grey’ ness of current sales. They hope for a similar success on at least an annual basis as it keeps the customers coming in, and the sales figures up.

Upon reading a recent overview of ‘Grey’ I noticed it has the same plot as a novel I read years ago called something like Mr King, I hope someone got a credit for that similarity, I guess financial success allows such ‘borrowing’ without shame, says she hinting again at the HP story and characters.

I am torn, I love books and believe firmly in the power of literature and reading. The David Beckham book got boys in bookstores for the first time, ‘Grey’ succeeds and brings a whole new market of readers so it must be credited for it. If bookstores survive a year longer on it’s back then all power to it, but please editors and publishers don’t overlook some really good works that may be sat in your in tray.

‘E’rotic literature is a genre succeeding due to the Kindle and other generic e-readers, hopefully other genres will cash in on this anonymity. Goths can read Katie Price, guys can read chick lit and tories can read a Danny Boyle biog without embarrassment (subtle topical reference to the Olympics and tory MP comments) Good luck to all writers, and all power to your pen, be it nibbed or electronic.


About Christie Adams, Writer

I'm a writer and creativity coach, I inspire and support busy men and women to become happy, balanced productive writers and creatives. My passion is to share motivation, inspiration, products and coaching to empower men and women, enabling them to find the time to reinvent themselves, redefine their ambitions and indulge their creativity.
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7 Responses to ‘E’rotic fiction

  1. To be honest, I’m not sure even the most determined hermit can escape the hype at the moment. 😮

  2. robincoyle says:

    I’m torn too. To read, or not to read? Is it trash, or is it literature? Methinks trash.

  3. wightrabbit says:

    I’m currently struggling through book 3, having read the first in a day and the second taking slightly longer. Initially I thought that the relationship between the two protagonists was going to develop ~ and that kept me interested, despite the obvious flaws in the writing. The second book is repetitive and boring ~ the sex scenes aren’t even mildly titillating. I’m finding the third quite irritating ~ Christian Grey has turned from a ‘strong, silent hero’ into a paranoid wuss and I’d like to slap him. Hard! I’ve started….so I’ll finish, in the hope of a surprise ending but, on the whole, these books have failed to live up to their hype. There’s little tension or drama and the pace is quite stumbling and baggy ~ quite frankly, I simply don’t care what happens to any of the characters. Laters, baby! 🙂

    • I feel vindicated, and now you’ve updated me maybe I’ll be able to give them a miss. I almost feel obliged to read them to see what is so badly written, but life is short…

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