Has it been that long?

Pete Denton

I stepped away for what seemed like a moment and now it’s 2015!

I haven’t finished my blogging journey. I haven’t abandoned my writing dream, they are just on hold for a while.

The birth of a new year, hopefully, brings with it a fresh start. You might have noticed me stopping by a few blogs over the last few months and I hope to return to the writing the odd blog post in the near future. I’ve even started editing that bloody novel again.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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About Christie Adams, Writer

I help creatives gain the skills and confidence to take their passion for words to the next level, with practical steps and motivation, enabling them to find balance and take back control of their life. I’ve reinvented my life and help other creatives do the same, building their writing confidence, alongside improving skills in social media, organisation and online business. If they do all this with a back pack I celebrate with a brew (tea of course)!
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