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Author of Speculative Fiction. Not Before Bed, The Adventures of Alan Shaw and Greaveburn are out now. Embrace the Weird!

Research is your friend

It strikes me that I don’t talk about my writing process very much and, contrary to popular belief, I do have one. While I do most of my plotting in my head, only setting it down in notes when it’s … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Book: How I did it

Take a seat, and let the Wise Man kwell your fears… With Greaveburn on its way Inspired Quill have seen fit to assign me my own Marketing Womble, as I like to call her. (Hi Lea! More from her soon!) … Continue reading

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Writers: Are you ready?

I’ve learnt from personal experience (and plenty of it bad) that sometimes, when you think your work is pretty awesome, it isn’t. I did it with my first novel, Beyond Tor. Just because I was impressed with myself for finishing … Continue reading

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What is YA?

Since hitting the internet hard with the unwanted presence like a stinking corpse on the windshield, I’ve come across hundreds and hundreds of ‘YA authors’. Twitter is especially packed with them: ‘Jenny Bloggs – I love my cats, my crochet … Continue reading

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The Nature of Inspiration

Inspiration is one of those abstract concepts that baffles me, especially since I spend most of my time waiting for it to happen (A bit like when I was 16 and waiting for The Sex to spontaneously occur despite braces … Continue reading

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Welcome to Steel City Writers!

Hello one and all, and welcome to our new blog. Let us start by introducing ourselves. We’re a writing group based in and around Sheffield, UK, a little gang of folks who met on the Open University’s creative writing course, and … Continue reading

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